Pearson Able

Pearson Able is a global employee resource group (ERG) dedicated to promoting disability equality, celebrating those who break barriers, and developing a culture where the needs of people with disabilities are understood and addressed. We meet those needs in our internal employee processes and systems as well as in the design and development of Pearson’s learning solutions to create a barrier-free, limitless environment for everyone. We operate through localized Chapters, coordinated through a centralized leadership team.

Pearson Able Objectives

Equitable Business

Through raising awareness and understanding of disability and accessibility, we will develop a culture where people with disabilities are equally considered for available jobs within Pearson and where colleagues with disabilities are supported to perform to their full potential and are empowered to seek additional support if needed.

Inclusive Products and Services

We will promote self-reliance among product teams to embed consideration of disability and accessibility into the development of Pearson products and services by creating a culture of disability awareness and understanding and by leveraging accessibility expertise across Pearson businesses.

Externally Recognised

We will build the Pearson brand as a diverse and inclusive employer by serving as a thought leader for disability rights and accessibility within the education sector through hiring and management practices that welcome applicants with disabilities and supports them in their careers.