Pearson Accessibility Training

To support the self-education of accessible design and development, as well as understanding disabilities and the tools used by people to access content, the Accessibility Team for Assessments has created and gathered a variety of resources. These resources have been categorized into the following topics. Please visit the appropriate page to find resources to meet your needs and to further your learning.

  • Champion Program – The Accessibility Team for Assessments is committed to distributing accessibility knowledge and empowering every Pearson employee to be an Accessibility Champion. We create and deliver Accessibility Champion Training that is geared towards building a skilled set of personnel within the Pearson Assessments business. Accessibility Champions are able to share knowledge, build resources, and reduce the effort needed to form accessible products and services.
  • Summer Accessibility Institute – Since 2016, the Accessibility Team for Assessments has proudly hosted an annual Summer Accessibility Institute (SAI). SAI is an internal three-day virtual training conference that covers a wide variety of topics related to accessibility, disability, accessible content, inclusion, diversity in assessments, and much more.
  • Training Archives – Most of the training sessions that we offer are recorded for future review and sharing with Pearson staff. On this page, you will find a variety of recorded sessions conveniently categorized by topic. Each session includes a title and brief description with a link to the Neo Event page that includes the embedded video as well as presentation materials, if available.
  • Training Request – Aside from the training resources listed above, if you need training for you or your team, please complete a Training Request Form.