Welcome to the Accessible Equation Editor!

Text Plus Math Beta

Frequently, when solving a math expression, the student will be told, "Explain your answer." The equation editor supports this activity by allowing the user to enter both text and math in its entry area. Currently, the AEE recognizes uncontracted braille written in EBAE, English Braille American Edition. This instance of the equation editor also allows the user to enter multiple lines of both text and math.

After pulling focus to the entry area by pressing Tab, you may enter uncontracted braille from the braille terminal. To enter Nemeth braille, enter the Begin Nemeth symbol by pressing Dots 456, followed by Dots 146. Notice that the Begin Nemeth symbol is followed by a full cell, and the End Nemeth symbol, Dots 456, Dots 156. As you enter the Nemeth expression, it will be inserted in-between the begin and end symbols. While entering Nemeth, all of the equation editor's normal math entry operations, including access to the palettes, are available. When you are finished entering Nemeth braille, enter the End Nemeth symbol by pressing Dots 456, followed by Dots 156. You may switch in-between uncontracted and Nemeth braille as often as you wish.

The equation editor interface for the Text Plus Math interaction is still under development, and we welcome your feedback.