Accessibility Fundamentals

When Pearson websites and web applications are properly designed and coded, all people can use them, including those with disabilities. When digital content is developed without access needs in mind, it can create many access barriers that make the content difficult or impossible for some people to use. Making our products and resources accessible benefits all customers, clients, and end users by delivering a more usable product to market. Ensuring our enterprise-wide systems and tools are accessible also helps all internal employees access and use content as needed.

Accessibility is essential for developers and organizations that want to create high-quality websites and web applications that do not exclude whole populations of people.

To support the development of accessible products and services, the Accessibility Team for Assessments has developed a set of resources titled, “Accessibility Fundamentals.” These resources include an overview of accessibility, disabilities, and the tools often used by people with disabilities to access digital content and computer systems. They also include an introduction to the World Wide Web Consortium’s (W3C) international guidelines for making accessible web sites and applications.

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