Welcome to the Nemeth Curriculum Materials Page

Our goal is to support professionals and youth of all ages in building their skills in the Nemeth Code within UEB Context. The library is composed of the following three components:

  • The step-by-step Nemeth Braille Code Curriculum is designed to teach students who are visually impaired in grades Pre-Kindergarten through second grade how to read and write the Nemeth Code. It includes hands-on activities and games that reinforce grade-level math concepts and make learning the Nemeth Code fun and meaningful.
  • The engaging Nemeth Braille Focused Lessons provide a fun and supportive way to learn new symbols and practice reading and writing these symbols within grade-level math problems. Focused lessons include:
    • Division
    • Exceptions to the five-step rule (commonly used in place value and repeating decimals)
    • Five-step rule (commonly used in geometry and with repeating decimals)
    • Fractions
    • Mixed numbers
    • Multiplication
    • Number lines
    • Radical expressions
  • The user-friendly Nemeth Symbol Library provides definitions of how to write symbols used in Kindergarten through Calculus in Nemeth Code, helpful hints for remembering how to read and write many of the symbols and examples in print and braille.