Welcome to the Pre-K - Second Grade Nemeth Braille Code Curriculum Materials!


These materials are designed to teach students who are visually impaired in Pre-Kindergarten to Second Grade how to read and write the Nemeth Code. It is aligned with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS Initiative, 2010) and includes hands-on activities and games that reinforce grade-level math concepts and make learning the Nemeth Code fun and meaningful for children of all ages. The curriculum also includes teacher scripts, braille ready files for student worksheets, answer keys, data recording sheets, review activities, and assessments.

Use the following links to download a zipped folder with the curriculum for the grade level(s) you need.

  • Nemeth Braille Code Curriculum Pre-Kindergarten (ZIP)
    • Introduction and Pretest
    • Module 1: Braille Cell and Numeric Indicator
    • Module 2: Nemeth Numerals 1-3
    • Module 3: Nemeth Numerals 4-5
    • Module 4: Nemeth Numerals 6-7
    • Module 5: Nemeth Numerals 8-9
    • Module 6: Nemeth Numerals 0-10
    • Cumulative Review and Posttest
  • Nemeth Braille Code Curriculum Kindergarten (ZIP)
    • Introduction and Pretest
    • Module 1: Review of Nemeth Numbers 0-10 and Tally Marks
    • Module 2: Nemeth Numbers 11-15 and General Omission Symbol
    • Module 3: Nemeth Numbers 16-20, Mathematical Comma, and Punctuation Indicator
    • Module 4: Building Towards the Hundreds Chart
    • Module 5: Equations, Introduction to Addition, and the Braille Hundreds Chart
    • Module 6: Subtraction, Geometry, and an Introduction to the Ellipsis
    • Cumulative Review and Posttest
  • Nemeth Braille Code Curriculum First Grade (ZIP)
    • Introduction and Pretest
    • Module 1: Addition and Subtraction to 10, the English Letter Indicator for Multiple Choice, and the Long Dash
    • Module 2: Vertical Spatial Problems and Equations with Omissions
    • Module 3: Addition to 20 and Drawing and Building Shapes
    • Module 4: Subtraction to 20 and Equal Shares of Circles and Rectangles
    • Module 5: Understanding Place Value and Numbers to 120
    • Module 6: Writing and Comparing Numbers
    • Cumulative Review and Posttest
  • Nemeth Braille Code Curriculum Second Grade (ZIP)
    • Introduction and Pretest
    • Module 1: Addition to 100 and the Carried Number Indicator
    • Module 2: Subtraction to 100 and the Cancellation Indicator
    • Module 3: Place Value, Numbers to 1000, and the Contracted Form of the Horizontal Bar
    • Module 4: Money and Word Problems
    • Posttest

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Nemeth symbols do I need to know in order to use the Nemeth Braille Code Curriculum with my child or student?

The Nemeth Braille Code Curriculum can be used by anyone, regardless of background and previous experience with Nemeth Code.

Does the grade-level specific Nemeth Braille Code Curriculum replace the general education math curriculum?

The Nemeth Braille Code Curriculum will support math instruction, but it should not replace the math curriculum.

Why is it important for children or youth who are blind and read braille to learn the Nemeth Code?

Proficiency in Nemeth Code allows K-12 students who are visually impaired and read braille to access grade-level math and science materials. In addition, the Nemeth Code provides students of all ages an effective way to demonstrate understanding of mathematical concepts (Rosenblum & Smith, 2012). By using the Nemeth Code, students are able to show their work step-by-step, as they solve simple and complex mathematical equations similar to their sighted peers.


Please give us feedback about the Nemeth Braille Code Curriculum, including what you like about the curriculum, what could be improved, and what you would like to see added. We appreciate any suggestions that will help us assist students who are blind or visually impaired in achieving competence in mathematics and supporting the efforts of removing access barriers for these learners.