Component Library

Keyboard Shortcuts

Issue Description

  • The lack of a quick way to get to the next or previous test item could potentially show down someone's progress who relies on assistive technology that moves through content in a linear manner. Having an Alt+N keyboard shortcut that moves the user to the Next item button also helps improve keyboard navigation.
  • Custom keyboard shortcuts conflict with standard software or operating system shortcuts or other assistive technology. e.g. Ctrl+N, Ctrl+O, Ctrl+S, Ctrl+P, Ctrl+W, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+Z, Ctrl+F are already in use. Ctrl+T opens a new browser tab. Alt+f is typically a search of the active browser page.
  • Keyboard key combinations required by screen reader users are blocked by an application, limiting the ability of a user to navigate, read, or otherwise interact with content.


Implement keyboard shortcuts through the accesskey attribute, consider using single-key shortcuts.

Verify shortcuts are not already assigned in application, browser, or operating system.

Ensure that any required functionality can be performed using only the keyboard, and that key combinations are not restricted.