Component Library

Form Controls - Unexpected Context Change

Issue Description

When a user navigates through form fields, site content or the application interface page unexpectedly changes.


When a form receives input from users (for example, typing in an address or selecting a date of birth), it must not automatically skip to another field or auto-submit – known as ‘changing on input’. This can disorientate users.

  • Only submit form data when a user chooses to click a submit button. It's common sense behavior, but if you get it wrong, your users will be frustrated and leave.
  • If changing the setting of a form control results in a change of context, include an explanation of what will happen when the control is changed.

Example explanation: A 50 question online survey displays one question at a time. Instructions appear at the beginning of the survey explaining that users will be taken to the next question of the survey upon selecting an answer to each question.