Other Geometric Symbols

There are a few symbols of comparison that are used in Geometry on the "Lines" palette but are not necessarily lines themselves. These include symbols like Perpendicular to (dots 1246 dots 1234), parallel to (dots 1246 dots 123), and so on.

As with most symbols, the equation editor will not provide output until you type the complete symbol. For example, if you typed "parallel to" (dots 1246 dots 123), the equation editor will not display anything until you type the full symbol because there is no intermediary symbol it must process.

There are two symbols used to denote an arc, one showing an arc above the letter and one showing an arc below it. For an upward arc, enter dots 1246, followed by a dot 1, followe by dots 12456. For a downward pointing arc, enter dots 1246, followed by a dot 3, followed by dots 12456.


Type the following expressions into the equation editor below and verify that the equation editor produces the proper Nemeth braille output in each case. Also verify that a sighted friend can read each expression you have typed as it is displayed on the screen. Feel free to try your own examples.

  • X is parallel to y
  • T is not perpendicular to q
  • Arc below q
  • Arc above y is not congruent to Arc above z
  • Line c intersects Ray t