Recall that in Nemeth, one of the ways to enter a shape is by first typing the Shape Indicator (dots 1246) followed by a letter or combination of letters which represents the shape. For example, to enter a circle, you would first type dots 1246 for the Shape Indicator, then a C. This rule is fairly consistent, with the exception of the trapezoid, which is typed with a Z instead of a T.

Also recall that another way to enter a shape is by entering the shape indicator, then entering the number of sides the shape contains. However, the two methods do not create the same shape, nor do both methods exist for all shapes.

As with standard Nemeth notation, entering the letter method will create the irregular shape in the equation editor, and the numeric method will create the regular shape.

Though most of the shapes within the Nemeth Code have both a braille and print notation, there are some shapes that do not have the latter but are still supported within the equation editor. This is because there are no Unicode characters which can represent that shape in print. However, the braille notation should remain unaffected.

Shapes that require more than one letter to denote its name, such as the irregular heptagon (shape indicator followed by h, p) cannot be entered from the braille terminal at present. This is because the equation editor interprets the second letter as the name of whatever shape is created by the shape indicator and the first letter. Therefore, the notation for a heptagon in braille is interpreted as “rhombus P”. However, such shapes can still be entered from the palette.

After a shape is entered the equation editor supplies a full cell where you can enter its name. If you wish to write more after the shape has been named, you are able to do so by entering any other symbol after the name of the shape.


Type the following shapes into the equation editor below and verify that the equation editor produces the proper Nemeth braille output in each case. Also verify that a sighted friend can read each equation you have typed as it is displayed on the screen, and feel free to try your own examples.

  • Circle a
  • Irregular hexagon i
  • Octagon o + Triangle s
  • Irregular Heptagon w + Square y
  • Trapezoid t + Rhombus r