More Fractions

There are two different ways to enter nested fractions within the equation editor.

The most basic way to enter nested fractions is to enter them as you would in Nemeth, that is, enter the appropriate Open Fraction indicators based on the level needed (dot 6 dots 1456 for the second level, dots 6, 6, 1456 for the third, etc.), and fill in the numbers and fraction bars accordingly. This can be achieved either by arrowing to each of the full cells and entering the appropriate arguments, or by entering all of the symbols manually from the braille terminal, as you would if you were typing the equation out by hand.

Another way is to simply enter the opening fraction indicator as many times as you need to denote the level of the nested fraction, then entering the arguments as you go. This is slightly easier than entering all of the necessary fraction bars and closing indicators manually.

Regardless of how you type it, when typing a nested fraction, that is, a fraction that contains a fraction, the Nemeth braille output will supply the appropriate nested fraction indicators, which need not be supplied from the keyboard. If you choose to enter all of the symbols manually, it will not affect how the equation is displayed on screen.


Type the following expressions into the equation editor below and verify that the equation editor produces the proper Nemeth braille output in each case. Also verify that a sighted friend can read each expression you have typed as it is displayed on the screen. Feel free to try your own examples, and to explore other combinations of nested fractions.

  • 1 / 2 / 3
  • ((2 / 3) / 5) ^ 2
  • (x ^ 2) / 25 - (x + 5) ^ 2 / 36 = 1
  • (x - 3) ^ 2 + (y + 4) ^ 2 = 1
  • (2 / 3 / 4 ) / 5