Symbols of Omission

The equation editor supports several symbols of omission, including the dash, long dash, and various shapes. However, the omission space is not supported in either braille output or input. Also, the omission shapes do not display correctly because the equation editor will expect an argument to name the shape instead of simply recognizing the shape by itself. Likewise, the long dash cannot be entered into the equation editor through the braille terminal, but can be entered using the palette.


Type the following expressions into the equation editor below and verify that the equation editor produces the proper Nemeth braille output in each case. Also verify that a sighted friend can read each number you have typed as it is displayed on the screen. Feel free to try your own examples.

For the sake of clarity, the omission symbol will be in brackets. Omit the brackets when typing the expression into the equationn editor.

  • 6 + [long dash] = 10
  • 2 - [omission symbol] = -5
  • 4 + 3 + [short dash] = 15
  • 3.14159265...
  • (2x + omission circle) = 6