Welcome to the Accessible Equation Editor!


The Accessible Equation Editor is a program that allows a user to create math expressions within a web page. The equation editor is used in a number of Pearson products, most notably the TestNav assessment delivery system used for high-stakes testing.

The equation editor is accessible to blind and visually-impaired users because it translates printed math notation into Nemeth braille, which can be displayed on a braille terminal, and it accepts Nemeth braille input, which it translates into printed math notation that it displays for a sighted user. A blind user can create math expressions that can be immediately read by a sighted user, and vice versa.

You may use this page to try out the Accessible Equation Editor, its support for a wide range of math notations, and its handling of braille input and output. Be sure to read the instructions page to understand how to put the equation editor and the screen reader into the appropriate input state for proper operation by blind and sighted users, respectively.

The Accessible Equation Editor can be used with either the JAWS or NVDA screen reader. It has been successfully tested with the following braille displays.

  • Humanware Brailliant
  • Humanware BrailleNote Apex
  • BAUM Vario Ultra
  • HIMS Braille Sense U2
  • HIMS Braille Edge

Please give us feedback on the Accessible Equation Editor, on what works, what doesn⁏t, what features you would like to see, and how you would like to use it.