Accessibility for Assessments

CSUN 2016 Conference

Below is a list of Pearson presentations from the 2016 CSUN Assistive Technology Conference presented by Pearson's Accessibility Team for Assessments. If you have any questions about any of these presentations, please email us.


Generating Nemeth Braille Output Sequences from Content MathML Markup

A software system for automatic generation of Nemeth Braille from Content MathML is presented, with associated issues, solutions, and implications for braille encodings for mathematics.

Generating Content MathML Markup from Nemeth Braille Input Sequences

A software system for keyboard input of Nemeth Braille that creates Content MathML is presented, with issues, solutions, and opportunities for online braille for mathematics.

Breaking Digital Barriers: ASL Accommodations & Computer-Based Assessments

An open discussion about access to and the creation of high-stakes, computer-based ASL assessments for deaf and hard-of-hearing students.

Demystifying Accessibility within K-12 Education

Finding accessible educational materials can be daunting. Learn what accessibility means for assistive technology users and how to identify educational materials that are NOT accessible.

Real-time Online Two-way Braille-to-Print Mathematical Communication

Nemeth Braille keyboard input that creates Content MathML and generation of Nemeth Braille from Content MathML allows sighted and blind users to share mathematics instantaneously.

A Comparison of Nemeth Braille and UEB Math for Online Math Software

Specific features of braille codes for mathematics are presented, with associated consequences for the complexity and cost needed to develop and maintain online mathematical software.