Accessibility for School Assessment

John Slatin AccessU 2016 Conference

Below is a list of Pearson presentations from the 2016 John Slatin AccessU Conference presented by Pearson's Accessibility Team for Assessments. If you have any questions about any of these presentations, please email us.


Accessibility is a Team Sport!

John Slatin AccessU 2016 Keynote Address

Making Accessibility a Distributed Responsibility

Making products and web content accessible is the responsibility of the Accessibility Expert in the organization, right? Well, even though this quite often seems to be the case, this type of thinking has cost organizations more time, expense and legal risk than anyone cares to admit. Having accessibility fall on the shoulders of one single person, or even a few people, in an organization can be a costly mistake, but how do you go about changing that proclivity when all other stakeholders are burdened with their own tasks and deliverables every day.

Design and Implementation of Online Braille Math Support in the Accessible Equation Editor

Real-time exchange of mathematical formulas between sighted instructors and visually-impaired students remains an extremely difficult and time-consuming task that interferes with the participation of visually-impaired students in mainstream math and science classrooms. Pearson has developed a web-based equation editor that supports automatic, two-way conversion from printed math notation into Nemeth Braille, including reverse translation from Nemeth Braille into printed math notation. This software allows a sighted user, who need not know Nemeth Braille, to communicate in real-time, online, back-and-forth exchanges with a visually-impaired Nemeth Braille user, in a manner not previously achievable with current best practices for tactile math. This instantaneous interaction between sighted and visually-impaired users has the potential to eliminate the communication barriers that inhibit visually-impaired students from participating in mainstream math and science classrooms.