Accessibility for Assessments

John Slatin AccessU 2018 Conference

Below is a list of downloadable materials from the 2018 John Slatin AccessU conference , presented by Pearson's Accessibility Team for Assessments. If you have any questions about any of these presentations, please email us.


Pushing the Needle Forward on K12 Accessibility

Educational websites, mobile apps, digital curriculum products, and classroom tools must all be viewed through an accessibility lens if students with disabilities are to have equal access to the general curriculum. What does that mean in today's classroom? What do teachers, administrators, procurement staff, and direct service providers need to know to comply with the law and most importantly, meet student needs? This overview session will provide you with up to date information and go to resources to ensure that we are working together to meet the needs of all kids.

Walk Through WAI Resources

Brent, who co-chairs the Education and Outreach Working Group at the WAI/W3C, will share recent developments from EOWG as well as demonstrate how advocates and accessibility practitioners can make the most of the free resources available to support your accessibility work whatever role you may have in the organization.