Conformance Level AAA Guidelines

23 Guidelines

Sign Language (Prerecorded):

Are you providing pre-recorded sign language videos for audio content in a media file? (Success Criterion 1.2.6 – Level Level AAA)

Extended Audio Description (Prerecorded):

If the video content doesn’t contain adequate pauses that allow for a secondary audio track (“audio description”), are you editing the video to create or extend pauses to describe on screen visuals? (Success Criterion 1.2.7 – Level Level AAA)

Media Alternative (Prerecorded):

Are you providing a text document with all visual and auditory information as an alternative for any media file? (Success Criterion 1.2.8 – Level Level AAA)

Audio-only (Live):

Are you providing text content as an alternative for the information conveyed by live audio? (Success Criterion 1.2.9 – Level Level AAA)

Contrast (Enhanced):

Is the contrast between the text and its background 7:1 or greater? (Success Criterion 1.4.6 – Level Level AAA)

Low or No Background Audio:

For pre-recorded audio content, have background sounds been removed, or has a way for users to turn off or lower background sounds been provided? (Success Criterion 1.4.7 – Level Level AAA)

Visual Presentation:

Does the text layout and design of your site or application enhance readability and allow for user customization? (Success Criterion 1.4.8 – Level Level AAA)

Images of Text (No Exception):

Are you avoiding the use of images of text? (Success Criterion 1.4.9 – Level Level AAA)

Keyboard (No Exception):

Are all website/application controls and content fully operable with no exceptions through a keyboard interface? (Success Criterion 2.1.3 – Level Level AAA)

No Timing:

Is your website/application free from time limits? (Success Criterion 2.2.3 – Level Level AAA)


Can users postpone or suppress server-side interruptions with the exception of those that involve an emergency? (Success Criterion 2.2.4 – Level Level AAA)


When re-authentication is required, is previously entered data retained? (Success Criterion 2.2.5 – Level Level AAA)

Three Flashes:

Does your web content contain anything that flashes more than 3 times within a 1 second period? (Success Criterion 2.3.2 – Level Level AAA)


Can the user determine their location in a web site or web application based on the page content, navigation, or other indicators. (Success Criterion 2.4.8 – Level Level AAA)

Link Purpose (Link Only):

For each link in your platform/content, does the link text alone provide definition of the purpose of the link? (Success Criterion 2.4.9 – Level Level AAA)

Section Headings:

Are descriptive section headings provided for sections of lengthy content such as chapters and subchapters, topics and subtopics, etc? (Success Criterion 2.4.10 – Level Level AAA)

Unusual Words:

Do you provide definitions for any unusual words or topic specific jargon used on your website/application? (Success Criterion 3.1.3 – Level Level AAA)


Does your website/application allow users to access abbreviations and acronyms in an expanded form? (Success Criterion 3.1.4 – Level Level AAA)

Reading Level:

Do you have a method to measure and determine the reading level of various parts of content within your platform/content? Do you provide supplemental content, or a lower level reading versions of content that is above the lower secondary education level? (Success Criterion 3.1.5 – Level Level AAA)


Does your website/application provide a mechanism to properly pronounce words that are ambiguous or indeterminate when pronunciation is vital to understanding the meaning? (Success Criterion 3.1.6 – Level Level AAA)

Change on Request:

In your website/application, are there functions or controls that will auto-initiate changes in context not specifically requested by the user? (Success Criterion 3.2.5 – Level Level AAA)


In your website/application, do you provide context-sensitive help on how to perform operations when the label is not sufficient to explain the context? (Success Criterion 3.3.5 – Level Level AAA)

Error Prevention (All):

In your website/application, do you provide a way for a user to reverse a submission, correct input errors, or confirm data before final submission? (Success Criterion 3.3.6 – Level Level AAA)