Accessibility for Assessment Training Archives

We host many learning opportunities and virtual meetings throughout the year, and we record many of these sessions for later review.

See the sections below for lists of previous recordings, with the latest at the top of each list.

Summer Accessibility Institute (SAI) Archives

The links below will lead you to the Summer Accessibility Institute summary pages for the corresponding year of SAI where you will find links to session recordings and presentation materials.

National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) Sessions

Each October the Accessibility Team for Assessments celebrates NDEAM with a series of blog posts, emails, sessions, and other activities to raise awareness around disabilities and inclusive hiring practices. Any recordable training or informational sessions from previous years are listed below.

The Psychology of Everyday Things: Baking Usability into What We Do (2018)– Recording of Inclusion awareness and accessibility leadership session presented by Jon Twing, SVP, Psychometric & Testing Services, Pearson Assessment.

Accessibility, not only the right thing to do, it also adds market value! (2017) – In the age of personalization, formative assessments and a rapid growth in digitally-delivered open educational resources, Pearson must make learning available to all in order to dominate the educational landscape of the future. One area that is foundational to our digital drive is accessibility and our commitment to helping all learners (including those with diverse needs) improve their lives through learning.

During this session Jon Twing and Jan McSorley cover what leaders need to know about accessibility and why winning on the accessibility front will uniquely position Pearson to win in other competitive markets.

The World's Learning Company is well suited to be the champion of accessibility for all (2017) – Because of the diversity in our product offerings and our presence in global markets, Pearson is the only education company in the world with the reach and resources to effectively eliminate access barriers for people with disabilities, as well as create a competitive culture in the market that will drive companies to develop products that meet the needs of all learners. Only Pearson can set the bar high...differentiating us from other competitors. This session presented by Jon Twing and Jan McSorley provides insights into why and how this will happen.

Pearson Global Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Week Sessions

Pearson’s Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion team (DE&I) creates a week-long event each year to educate and raise awareness on DE&I initiatives and resources that are happening global across the company. Sessions that our team provides during this week are listed below.

enAble at Pearson (2018) – This recorded session presented by members of the Pearson Able Employee Resource Group (ERG) provided employees with information about the ERG, its chapters, developing projects as well as how Pearson employees can utilize and join Pearson Able.

Changes in Accessibility Law (2017) – Understand which laws affect your products and/or services. During this recorded session Shari Butler provides a brief overview of the laws and standards related to accessibility, recent updates to 508 and creation of VPATs.

Q&A Sessions

WCAG What's to Know - An Overview and Q&A Session (2018) – You understand it is important that our products and solutions are accessible to all learners. You understand that people with disabilities need content and systems to be accessible in order to fully access them. You know that there are "guidelines" to help; but where are the guidelines, and how do you understand them enough to implement them in product design and development?

In this recorded session, sit in on a quick thirty-minute high level overview of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), supporting documents and other W3C resources. This is followed by a question and answer session about the guidelines and resources.

Accessibility Quality Assurance (2017) –This recorded session provided information about our product, application, website, and document accessibility conformance testing process, what we do, and how to request this type of support.

Beginner NVDA Screen Reader Navigation - Dos and Donts (2017) – Need to use a screen reader to check a web site, web application, or document for accessibility issues? Make sure you are using it properly so that you don't receive false results. Watch this training recording to learn the appropriate and effective way to navigate using the NVDA screen reader.

Pearson PowerPoint Template Tutorial: Ensuring Accessibility and Usability (2017) – Did you Know when making PowerPoint presentations, you should be using one of the Pearson Brand PowerPoint Templates? While the branded template is designed to make our presentations visually consistent across the company, however, there are some accessibility and usability issues that exist for people with disabilities. These issues become more apparent when using screen readers within the PowerPoint application itself and can limit the user's ability to access and understand the information being presented.

This session demonstrated how sometimes what you “see” is not always accurately represented when using a screen reader to access content within PowerPoint presentations and provided Pearson Employees with a simple PowerPoint Accessibility Checklist.

The Pearson Accessible Equation Editor (2017) – The Accessible Equation Editor supports electronic Nemeth braille output and input, screen reader speech output for math, and speech input for math editing. It is used in TestNav to collect student responses for machine scoring, is fully customizable for particular customer offerings, and is the most accessible math editor in existence.

This session provided an opportunity for Pearson employees to see a live demo of the equation editor and ask any related questions.

Use of Color in Accessible Design (2017) – The use of color is an integral element of product design. When used effectively, color provides visual focus, improves readability, conveys meaning, draws associations, and can even evoke emotion. In many cases, relevant “content” within a product can become inaccessible to individuals with vision impairments or color-perception deficits.

This session covered examples that consist of problematic color combinations in art elements and suggested techniques to resolve the problem using techniques and common tools that evaluate color against WCAG 2.0 standard.

Basic PDF Accessibility Workshop and Lab (2016) – Did you attend the Basic PDF class but when you tried to repeat the steps something went horribly wrong? Maybe we can help alleviate some of your This 2-hour hands on session will introduce you to the basics of PDF accessibility. This session includes a live lab, where attendees can follow the instructor as she guides you through making a mock PDF accessible and works through any unpredictable anomalies that may arise.

No Mice Allowed! Navigating Webpages From The Keyboard (2016) – Learn how a person using Assistive Technology Screen Readers such as JAWS and NVDA access and interact with digital information on webpages. The No Mice Allowed session will help you understand how design decisions can impact access, and how accessible standards provide structure and meaning to your content.