Greek Letters

The equation editor supports all upper and lowercase Greek letters, and you may enter them using standard Nemeth symbols. The only exception to this rule is lowercase Kappa, for which you will have to enter dots 46 twice before typing the k. This is to differentiate the lowercase Kappa from the equals sign. No change will occur on either the braille display or the screen when you initially press dots 46.


Type the following expressions into the equation editor below and verify that the equation editor produces the proper Nemeth braille output in each case. Also verify that a sighted friend can read each expression you have typed as it is displayed on the screen. Feel free to try your own examples.

  • Upercase Alpha + Uppercase Beta
  • Digamma
  • A = Pi R Squared
  • lowercase kappa = 90 degrees
  • Summation 1 to 3, of the function x ^ 2