Multiple Ways
Success Criterion 2.4.5 (Level AA)


Does your website or application provide users with multiple ways to navigate to the site or applications individual content pages?

Why is this important

Providing multiple ways for users to navigate web content within a website ensures all users can find information in a way that best suits their needs. Users may prefer one technique easier to use or comprehend than another.

Whom does it benefit?

Example 1:

As a person with a cognitive disability,
I want to use the site map to get an overview of the website
so that I can navigate directly to the information I need without being overwhelmed by all the other content.

Example 2:

As a person who is blind,
I want to use the search functionality
so that I can quickly access the content without tabbing through a large navigation menu.

Example 3:

As a sequential learner who tends to be more visual,
I want a clear navigation menu
so that I can understand the content and structure of the site.

What should you do?

Provide several ways to access content within a set of web pages.

How do you do it?

Here are a few techniques to provide users multiple ways to locate content:

  • Provide a clear and consistent main navigation menu
  • Include a search function on every page
  • Add a sitemap page which links to every page on your website
  • On the homepage provide links to all the pages
  • Include a table of contents page
  • Repetition of important site links in the footer
  • A breadcrumb navigation for processes and sub-layered pages

Need technical guidance?

Additional Resources to help you: