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Welcome to the Nemeth Braille Searchable Database!


This page provides navigation instructions for using the database with either a QWERTY keyboard or a refreshable braille display and a screen reader.

Web page navigation

From the top of the homepage, press H to navigate through the headings (This works for all of the windows ones.

To select a link, hit enter while on the link you want to access.

JAWS keystrokes and settings

"Expand to computer braille at cursor" should not be checked

Shift-F10 to find links

Alt left arrow to go back

Ctrl-F to find a certain word

Insert-F7 to get a links list

NVDA keystrokes

Ctrl-NVDA-f to search page content

Insert-F7 to get an elements list

VoiceOver keystrokes

This is a work in progress.

BrailleNote Touch (downloading brf files)

Use KeyBRF app for opening sample brf files

Launch KeyWeb

Enter with O (to go to the address bar)

Put in URL (must be in computer braille)

Once you get to the Sample link, hit enter or use cursor routing button to load the page

Space with W to open KeyWeb menu

P to go to page

D for download page

Open KeyBRF and browse to the file you downloaded

"Note: Make sure document name is the same as the title of the document"

Open/End should be Open/Close