Accessibility for School Assessment

POSB 2019 Conference Presentation Materials

Below is a list of downloadable materials from the 2019 Principals of Schools for the Blind (POSB) conference presented by Pearson's Accessibility for School Assessment group. If you have any questions about any of these presentations, please email us.


Is it Text, or is it Math? Accessible Mixed-Content STEM Writing Support

Students who include math in their responses exhibit greater learning gains. Pearson's Accessible Equation Editor (AEE) now provides an accessible capability to create textual explanations that include math formulas. We will demonstrate the use of the AEE to input and output braille text with embedded Nemeth math formulas.

Presenters: Steve Noble, Sam Dooley, Dan Brown

Downloadable materials:

Teaching Students the Nemeth Braille Code: Strategies and Resources

The presentation will begin with an overview of strategies to teach the Nemeth Braille Code, including hands on activities and games for younger students that reinforce grade-level math concepts and mini lessons for middle school age students. The balance of the session will focus on resources for easily looking up Nemeth symbols and examples. Bring your computers and other devices and let's get excited about Nemeth!

Presenters: Sara Larkin, Susan Osterhaus, Tina Herzberg

Downloadable materials: