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Accessibility for School Assessment

CSUN 2019 Conference Presentations

Below is a list of downloadable materials from the 2019 CSUN conference presented by Pearson's Accessibility for School Assessment group. Browse the CSUN 2019 Session Quick Guide for the full schedule. If you have questions about any of our presentations, please email us.


Developing Web Accessibility Educational Resources with W3C WAI

Learn about new and in-progress education and outreach materials, how you can use them in your own training, and other efforts to advance accessibility.

Is it Text, or is it Math? Accessible Mixed Content STEM Writing Support

Students who embed mathematical representations in their STEM answer responses exhibit greater learning gains. Pearson's Accessible Equation Editor now provides all students with this capability.

Impact of Digitalization on Math Learning: Students with Visual Impairments

As schools are utilizing digital math materials, accessibility often becomes an even greater challenge: an exploration of what has been, is now, and could be.

Integrating Braille and Assistive Technology for Success in Math

Hard copy braille and electronic materials/assessments using assistive technology can go hand-in-hand to promote success in math for students with visual impairments.

Pack Up Your AT and Go to College!

AT strategies to support learning and self-advocacy as students transition from high school to college, including post-graduate students' perspectives on their college experience.

Tactile Graphics: Teacher Perceptions for Students with Visual Impairments

A survey of teachers of students with visual impairments indicated that teachers perceive vision to play a significant role when accessing and understanding graphs.

Reading, Writing, Arithmetic: Experiences of US Students with Disabilities

Details of disability's impact on the lives of college students derived from 17 student interviews. Categories and sample personas inform education stakeholders responsible for inclusion.

Build an Inclusive Team

Understanding the issues and benefits around employing persons with disabilities and strategies to create an inclusive team.