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AccessU 2019 Conference Presentation Materials

Below is a list of Pearson presentations from the 2019 AccessU conference, presented by Pearson's Accessibility for Assessment group. If you have any questions about any of these presentations, please email us.

Accessibility Testing with Screen Readers

Screen reader testing with NVDA. Other screen readers such as JAWS and Narrator will be discussed, but exercises will be focused on NVDA.

taught by: Dan Brown

Learn more about the Accessibility Testing with Screen Readers session.

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Creating a Culture of Accessibility: Overcoming Obstacles

This session will look at a variety of factors that cause difficulties in promoting accessibility in organizations and will offer several approaches, tools, techniques and strategies to overcoming these real or perceived barriers.

taught by: Matt Robinson & Anthony Fernando

Learn more about the Creating a Culture of Accessibility: Overcoming Obstacles session.

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Advanced PDF Tagging Workshop

If you have ever worked on a PDF with complex content items (lists, tables and forms) then you may already be aware of the mysterious anomalies that can occur when these items won't tag correctly using either the touch-up reading order and auto tagging tools available within Acrobat DC.

If this is the case, then maybe we can help ease your frustrations! Join us for this all-day PDF tagging workshop where we will work through a sample PDF and teach you how to tag lists, tables and form fields as well as work through any anomalies we may encounter.

taught by: Teenya Franklin and Desiree Sturdevant

Learn more about the Advanced PDF Tagging Workshop session (and part 2).

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